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Experience Our Hen House like you never have before. Inside Our Hen House you will have the ability to bump wings with Jasmin, Mariann and the entire Our Hen House listener community. Share insight and inspiration, learn from movement insiders, and meet fellow activists from around the globe who are changing the world for animals. The vegan community you’ve been looking for is only a cluck away. 

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Inside the Coop

Our Hen House was founded in January 2010 by activist and author Jasmin Singer and lawyer and animal law professor Mariann Sullivan. Jasmin and Mariann co-host the dynamic weekly Our Hen House Podcast, which highlights movement leaders and grassroots changemakers, artists, writers, chefs, entrepreneurs, politicians, business folk and more—and provides inspiration and hope for anyone and everyone who cares about animals. The podcast has been honored several times as a  “Webby Award Honoree.” 

Mariann also hosts the monthly Animal Law Podcast focusing on interviews with lawyers who are handling precedent-setting litigation cases and other legal efforts to change the world for animals. Jasmin hosts the limited mini-series cooking podcast, Teaching Jasmin How to Cook Vegan.